Lab Ten

The Lab Ten Experiment

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The purpose of Starcore Labs is to write how-to topics to help my readers solve problems and achieve goals. My aim is to provide value to my readers while earning their trust. That’s why the posts here are long and detailed. Those indepth topics take time to research, draft, revise, edit, and finally publish. Which […]

Type Writer

Born Writer

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Youth Many years ago my grade school teacher asked our class to write a short story about what we wanted to be when we grew up. My classmates wrote about being Doctors, Lawyers, Fire Fighters, Police Officers, Professional Athletes, and other common professions. Those professions seemed boring to me. I wanted to do something different. […]

How to Hack Depression

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended as medical advice. If you suffer from depression please speak with a licensed professional. Every person’s chemistry and situation is unique. The information below is anecdotal and references things the author has found works for him. The author cannot be held liable for the use or misuse of this […]

Read With Purpose

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Reading is an essential self-improvement skill. Reading books that expand comprehension, raise awareness, and teach valuable skills can change your thinking and improve your life. Benefiting from reading comes from the interaction of four factors: Focus Attention Speed Comprehension Reading is a balancing act among these factors. Depending on what you are reading and why. […]

How To Get Results

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Troubleshooting is the process of getting results. It can be applied to all issues and is an essential life skill like reading or math. While troubleshooting take notes of what you’ve attempted to solve the problem. This will help you avoid repeating actions that did not work. During troubleshooting remain calm and focused on the […]

4 Reasons People Don’t Make Money Online

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Entrepreneurship seems difficult to beginners. They do not know where to start. Doing any online research results in conflicting information Even in those circumstances where the path is clear. As in the case of books that teach entrepreneurship. There are still factors that hold people back from making money online. Fear – Most beginners are […]

A Website Is Not Enough

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Beginning entrepreneurs assume setting up a website is all that is needed to start earning money. The internet is a crowded place. It takes a lot of work to get noticed. Even more work to sell products to customers. Here’s a brief guide on what is required for a modern eCommerce website. 1. Brand – […]

Entrepreneur Mindset

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There is a huge difference in mindset between employees and entrepreneurs. Time is a precious non-renewable resource you can never get back. Since you must work, you should do something you enjoy. The question is, “How do you want to spend your day?” Employee Mindset Employees look for a job with a steady paycheck. Working […]

rare wrist watch

Time Management

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People have two problems in life. Knowing what they want and knowing how to get it. Some mistakenly think of time management as a single skill. Which explains why so many are bad at it. It is a set of interrelated skills when used together consistently, helps manage time more effectively. Skills of Time Management: […]

Do You Write Code?

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Business Executives, While working in different corporate environments I’ve noticed a lot of you are tasked with adding content to projects. Usually you go about this by using office tools to mock up web pages and then send them to the development team to build. This is a slow frustrating process for you and the […]