Entrepreneur Mindset

There is a huge difference in mindset between employees and entrepreneurs.

Time is a precious non-renewable resource you can never get back. Since you must work, you should do something you enjoy. The question is, “How do you want to spend your day?”

Employee Mindset
Employees look for a job with a steady paycheck. Working 8 hours a day to complete tasks assigned to them. Many people assume there is more security in working for a large established corporation. Depending on the State in which they operate. Corporations can legally let employees go without notice for little or no reason. All a company needs to say is they no longer require the services of the employee.

Employees have no decision-making power, no security in their positions, control over their time, say in whom they work with, or choice over the tasks they are given.

Corporations tend to assume because they are paying employees, they can ask them to do whatever they want. Regardless of the skill set their employees possess. Creating an unspoken expectation that employees should be capable of instantly learning new skills. Simply because business needs changed.

In my opinion this is an unrealistic expectation because learning anything takes trail, error, and time. People are not robots powered by money.

Some employees operate under the flawed philosophy of “So long as they are paying me. I don’t care what I do.” They do not care about the company, its products and/or services, or their co-workers. They are loyalty to their paycheck. If an offer for a higher salary comes along, of course they take it. Time priority and job satisfaction means nothing to them.

There is less risk working for someone else because if they make a mistake the company will still pay them.

Entrepreneur Mindset
Entrepreneurs are motivated to control their time and decision making power over what tasks to work on, and whom they work with. They risk financial security for the potential to earn more money. Entrepreneurs want freedom to pursue their own creative projects.

They look for problems to solve. Through upfront investment in research and development they build products and/or services that solve problems for large groups of people. They market and sell these solutions directly to their customers. Freeing them from having to work 8 hours a day.

There is more risk being an entrepreneur because if they make a mistake they might lose customers, get beat by competition, or not attract enough customers to sustain and grow their business.

Neither mindset is better than the other. They both have pros and cons. The one you choose depends on your focus, priorities and risk tolerance. Do what works best for you.