Do You Write Code?

Business Executives,

While working in different corporate environments I’ve noticed a lot of you are tasked with adding content to projects. Usually you go about this by using office tools to mock up web pages and then send them to the development team to build.

This is a slow frustrating process for you and the developers. So with your executive power why not push for a content management system that would make your lives easier?

Does this code make sense to you?


You should not be asked to mock up web pages. Mocking up web pages is the Graphic Designer’s / UX Developer’s job. Why would you do their job for free? That is bad ROI (Return On Investment).

Office tools like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are not web development tools. Whatever you make with these tools cannot be perfectly recreated on a web page. Because not all web browsers are created equal. Browsers have more limitations than office tools.

Your focus is on content creation: writing text, adding photos, tables of data, and other media that needs to be on the page. Using a CMS, like WordPress allows you to quickly create page content using a built-in document editor that automatically converts your content to work correctly within web pages. You’d be surprised how many top companies are using WordPress.

Using a CMS allows you to collaborate with other executives to create, review, and publish content without waiting on the designers or developers to build the page for you. The power to create and edit content is in your hands.

UX/UI Developers create layouts and templates for the CMS with the correct look and feel to match the web application.

They do this using web development tools like Photoshop, Atom and web standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. Once the templates are added to the CMS anyone authorized to create content can apply those custom templates to a page.

Separating content creation from template design, in this way, allows each team to do what they do best while saving time and money.

How much time will you save when you can add content yourself?