Becoming an Entrepreneur

I have spent the last few years studying Entrepreneurship. It has been an eye-opening experience. There are tons of free resources online that have shown me step-by-step many ways to be an Entrepreneur.

Like this article from So You Want to Be Your Own Boss

I have read some really amazing books like: Will It Fly? by Pat Flynn

I’ve watched YouTube videos like: Simon Sinek’s Top 10 Rules For Success

These and many other resources have inspired me to make some drastic changes in my perception, habits, lifestyle, and goals. When I study something as in-depth as becoming an Entrepreneur I take lots of notes. Then I work from my notes.

While I consider myself a student I feel I have enough understanding to build my own online business. Based on what I’ve learned my business is going to be much different than I had originally envisioned. Which is a positive thing!

From everything I’ve learned so far I know there are no shortcuts, quick-fixes, or easy ways out. There is a mountain of work ahead of me. Still, it seems like something I will enjoy doing while I’m still working full time.

As I work toward my goal of running a successful online business I will continue to take notes. Once I reach my idea of success I’ll be able to transform my notes into a book that other people can follow like a map to lost treasure.

Keep following this blog for more updates on my progress.