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What’s Your Brand?

There are well-known personalities who are the face of their businesses. People like Tony

Problem Solving Formula

Whenever I have a problem or I’m trying to accomplish a goal. I stop

How To Teach

All communication, weather it is telling a story, relating an experience, explaining a problem,

Writer For Hire

Writer for Hire Imagine all the time and effort you’ll save hiring me to

Improving Writing Skills

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been reading through a few books to

Born Writer

Youth Many years ago my grade school teacher asked our class to write a

Read With Purpose

Reading is an essential self-improvement skill. Reading books that expand comprehension, raise awareness, and

How To Get Results

Troubleshooting is the process of getting results. It can be applied to all issues

4 Reasons People Don’t Make Money Online

Entrepreneurship seems difficult to beginners. They do not know where to start. Doing any

Keys to Success as a Developer

“The best way to fix code, is to delete it” – GH, .Net Developer